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BlogOz – where were you?


meeting new friends is great! meeing 120 new blogger friends in one day even better. Organised to perfection. Attended by the who’s who of Australian bloggers, who engaged, exchanged, and enlightened.

For me it was like attending a Russian neurosurgery meeting knowing nothing more than “nyet”. But today I’ve created, conceived, connected, twittered and blogged.

Thanks to all my new friends for your valuable input and hand holding, including Des Walsh, Joanne Jacobs, Peter Black, Nick Hodge, Melissa, Duncan and Anthony.

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An unexpected change in climate

We’ve had APEC, Al Gore, Canberra Floriade, Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, and football finals. Great, let’s take a breather, but how will we cope with such an anticlimax?

Ah yes, Christmas is just around the corner, I hear you say. Seasons come and seasons go, but there’s always another opportunity for people to spend copious amounts of money on things they don’t like, for relatives they don’t cherish, to impress people they don’t like.

Has global warming dominated the environmental debate to the degree that we’ve forgotted about the environmental impact of consumerism? Ten year ago, before climate change (BCC), well prior to global debate, we talked about pollution, consumerism, and rain forest destruction. You joined Greenpeace, saved whales, and became a vegetarian.  These were the badges of concern. Action was communal, practical, warm and fuzzy.

How will the change in focus on environmental concerns affect the outcomes. Yes, per capita the public awareness of environmental issues might be higher than in 1990s, but is conservation of natural resources and wildlife taking a reluctant back seat? Should we switch the climage change focus, particularly in Australia, back to saving koalas, for example?

Tell me what you think!

Julie Edwards


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