Reduce them black balloons – Al Gore’s latest video

October 1, 2007 at 7:23 am Leave a comment

How do you change global behaviour about something that you can’t see?

… a nightmare for even the most creative advertising executive, until in floats the idea of a black balloon, which represents about 50 grams of greenhouse gas. The concept was incorporated into many climate change awareness campaigns including Sustainablity Victoria (an Australian state). 

Every Victorian household produces over 12 tonnes (240,000 balloons) of greenhouse gas emissions each year. The tips and tools on this website will help you to measure how many black balloons your home energy use contributes, and how to start making changes.

 Check out the Alliance for Climate Protection’s initial campaign that alerts Americans (through Internet maybe globally) about  how to save energy, money, and reduce pollution from their homes.

The ads bring to life the contribution that each household is making towards climate change and demonstrate some very easy ways to help reduce it while saving money. You’ll recognize the voice as that of the actor Tommy Lee Jones.  View the video

The message is simple, effective and provocative. Let’s hope it hits the mark. This website includes an A-Z lising with internal links to articles covering more than 100 topics about climate change, everything from biodiesel to washing machines.

You did watch the video right?

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